Travel Insurance With Cash Safe


Travel insurance from current production keeping in mind the needs of people made this Policy. For the policy holder to travel through Travel-care has become easier.

We will try to meet up with this Policy and you and your loved ones will give particular case of unexpected accident or illness compensation and travel, In addition, students can complete their studies abroad through insurance without any difficulty. Students have the boldness and support of knowing that they’re gaining knowing and feat doubtless profitable new talents that they will apply in their perform surroundings.

Body Structure

We know that the Hajj and Umrah is a very important task to obeying orders. This is why the Policy is for travelers who want to perform Islamic duties. Our workers are available worldwide 24 hours for your service.

Important Note:

  • More than 25 people for special group discount.
  • Separate coverage for families and single persons.
  • Schengen coverage of countries are also part of our policy.

Cash in Transit

Company’s Insurance protect your work and business and provide assurance. Especially with our insurance gives you the opportunity. When your business hours’m anxious to go and take the money. Also during the trip to the bank and back office are taken hostage staff, Our Policy in this case does give you compensation.

Cash in Safe

Our Insurance Policy want to show you specially business, If the money in the vault locks, they lose our Policy in this case the situation you fear brings salvation. Not only on the locker but also the safety of money placed counter-top is part of our Policy and without fear, you can continue your business.

Different Kinds Of Insurance Policies

  1. Personal accidents.
  2. Professional indemnity.
  3. General third party responsibility.
  4. Bankers blanket bond.
  5. Responsibility of directors and officers Etc.