Evergreen Insurance Plan With Bonuses

Limitation and Rules

Age of eligibility.
Minimum age 20 years.
Maximum age 60 years.
Age more than 70 years maturity.

Possible Side Agreement

Nearest Zonal Office to learn about their highly-side contracts. Evergreen is a kind of anticipated term profit plan. At certain stages during the premium payment period. Prior to the expiration or termination provides financial benefits to a lump died. Request more accidental death in the project already added. The family of the insured as a result of an accident to get insurance excess deposit.

The project in time of need the amount of the provision of protected. The cost of the insurance plan can create more financial security and ensure the continuation of prosperity for our families. Acceptable with age and seasons the scheme is available to all members of the public who they are the 20 or 60 years old. It is available for both men and women. The project has offered 12, 15, 18, 21, 24, 27, 30 years of expiration.

Living Benefits

On the third term of the insurance policy can receive 20 percent of the primary insured deposit insurance. 2 third term completion the policy holder can receive more 20 percent. The term of the insurance money becomes payable on completion. If the due date or 6 months, 20% of the recovery process is not used. A special bonus is added to your policy after 6 months. During this payment policy if the policy holder dies a special bonus will be issued without mention below.

  • Core inflation insurance.
  • Other collected Policy bonuses
  • The company’s liability owed

A special bonus with all the episodes and other foreign insurance policy deposit bonuses will be the maturity date Policy until the insured may waive the premium and exclusive Bonuses.

The Money Given Away

At any time during the applicable policy The insured’s death have been issued with the basic pension Bonuses. If death in the event of an accident more equal amount of basic pension is paid. Which will be subject to the ceiling. By general agreement over the accidental death will be greater than the range of Rs 80 lac and the estimated premium will be charged accordingly.


This policy will be included in the company’s excess earnings. Applicable bonus rate will be 25 percent more than the expected term project. This Policy continued for at least 2 years would be of value to renounce the force is.

Provided: Due to non-payment of any premium will be made.