Education Of Child And Marriage Insurance Plan

Basic Things.

Age of eligibility.
Minimum age 20 years.
Maximum age 60 years.
(In Maturity) Maximum age 70 years.

Possible Agreements.

To learn more about these contracts visit any close Zonal Office. Marriage of child and education’s insurance is more important and it will help to secure your future and this Policy will provide you a very handsome packages after completion time of this Policy it will provide you funding that will sure enough amount for your future.

The Term of the Policy is complete full amount and bonuses are given to the applicant, Visit the nearest office to learn more about bonuses of this project.

God forbid, If the Policy taker died before completion of time then on every 1000 rupees of Policy we will give him 240 rupees benefit, Even the time period of the Policy ended To pay on the Policy liabilities would not pay. Policy is included in the protocol and surplus income bonuses and Co. When the time period of Policy has been end then there is two option to get the money.

  • Get the all money at a time.
  • Get all money in 5 equal installments.

God forbid, if the child died before completion the time of Policy, Policy taker have these options.

  • Policy advantages transferred to other child and continue the Policy with same protocols.
  • All premium you paid till child died or The cash value of the Policy which one you think even more for you, You can take back and finish the Policy.
  • Without nominating the second child for Policy and continuing the Policy, In this case he will not be able to get benefits.

The marriage of children and education this plane is well settled and too good configured for the parents who they worried about marriage and education children. Such Policy that when the child reaches 18, 21, or 25 years of age amount will be payable. Ages can be selected from the above, When children are in desperate need of money for their Wedding, Education, and to set business.

According to your individual needs this plane available in 2 forms.

  • With family income.
  • Without family income.

The plan is for grandparents after parents, Aunt and uncle all those relationships that are responsible for child support. This Policy is being implemented to withdraw its worth at least 2 years if non-payment of premium shall be made. The insurance application will be notified by the company to withdraw worth.